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Specialist Relocation Services

We ensure safe and timely relocation of sensitive items

We ensure the safe, efficient and timely relocation of your most important assets and belongings. Since our inception, we have relocated household items, information technology assets, artwork, designer furniture, fashion collections, and Italian terracotta and designer plant pots. We have also relocated the entire contents of warehouses, homes, schools, offices and studios. Our services include packing, dismantling, unpacking and assembling.


We have provided relocation services for a number of different clients, such as private clients, ECC Lighting and Furniture, Motyaj, The Arc Factory, Buroserv Australia, Bellfield College, Nagle College, McCarthy Catholic College,Marian College, Emmaus College Kemps Creek, Terra Sancta College, Football NSW Limited, Thermos Pty Ltd,MRI(Aust) Pty Ltd amongst the others.

Case Study:

In 2014, we began working with Motyaj, who import and sell Italian terracotta and designer plant pots. One of our key projects with Motyaj was to relocate their entire warehouse from Alexandria to Ingleburn. Using our logistic project management capability, we planned the relocation in advance. During the course of the relocation, we packed all Motyaj’s Italian terracotta and designer plant pots into pellets. Thereafter, we moved over 350 pellets to their new warehouse, unpacked the pellets, and shelved the plant pots. The approach taken was to conduct the relocation after Motyaj’s business hours, so there was little impact to their day-to-day operations. We continue to enjoy working with Motyaj and providing them with exceptional service.

Spsecialist Relocation Services